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America’s largest retailer of RVs will accept cryptocurrency as payment

Updated: May 7, 2021

America’s largest retailer of recreational vehicles(RVs) , Camping World Holdings, Inc.(NYSE:CWH) today announced it will accept cryptocurrency as payment which can be Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), and select other cryptocurrencies through a variety of digital wallets . This move will allow Camping World to adapt to new preference and elevate the customer experience.

Image:Camping World

The company plans to develop a platform for online RV purchase experience . Accepting cryptocurrency is a way Camping World interact and transact with customers.


美國最大RV車銷售商 Camping World Holdings, Inc. 今天宣布他們將接受虛擬貨幣付款,包括比特幣,以太比,還有其他虛擬貨幣.這項舉動將會讓Camping World Holdings, Inc.適應新的顧客喜好並提高顧客經驗.

這家公司計劃發展網路上購買RV車的經驗,接受虛擬貨幣是讓Camping World與顧客戶動並處理交易的一個方式.

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