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Tesla will have its own currency-X Æ A-12Coin

Updated: May 7, 2021

After bitcoin, you can buy Tesla with its won currency. Tesla CEO Elon Musk will use his youngest son’s name “ X Æ A-12” to name Tesla's currency. Tesla will have its own online bank to trade X Æ A-12Coin.


The first 412021 X Æ A-12Coin customers use this currency to buy any vehicle will receive 10 percent discount. Unlike Bitcoin , X Æ A-12Coin can be used outside of the United States.

However, like Bitcoin payment, you can’t get your refund by using X Æ A-12Coin as payment . The X Æ A-12Coin users can get some improved customer service.

After buying $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and accepting it as payment, Tesla’s next move probably is another endorsement of gigital currency.

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